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Things to do

Acantilado de Los Gigantes

The town of Los Gigantes boasts one of the most stunning natural wonders on Tenerife, which is the impressive rock cliffs which give the town its name; ‘Acantilado de Los Gigantes’ which translates as the cliffs of the giants.

These impressive rock cliffs are approximately 800 metres high and drop down to the sea, almost vertically. These cliffs offer impressive views which can be seen for a number of locations in the town, including from the El Sombrero complex

Los Gigantes beach

Tenerife is a volcanic island with its Volcano called Mount Teide. Due to this natural wonder, we are blessed with fantastic black volcanic sand beaches which are only seen in very few places on earth. Los Gigantes beach has this rare black volcanic sand and where you will also enjoy breath-taking views of the Los Gigantes cliffs aka Acantilado de Los Gigantes.

The Los Gigantes beach is a short five-minute walk from the El Sombrero complex.

Isla Cangrejo (Crab island)

There are a few sea water pools in Tenerife, some of these are man-made and some are natural. Los Gigantes boasts one of the best natural sea water pools on the island, called Isla Cangrejo (translated as Crab Island). This is a large, natural pool located a short three-minute walk from the El Sombrero complex. The edges of the pool are man-made to protect against large sea waves, which makes the swimming safer, very refreshing and a fantastic experience with unrestricted views of the neighbouring island of La Gomera.


Marine life

Marine biologists have said that over a third of all whale and dolphin species pass through the waters surrounding the Canary Islands. The Los Gigantes coast is home to a large population of whales and dolphins, which are guaranteed to be seen by embarking on one of the boat expeditions which leave regularly from Los Gigantes harbour. There are various tours on offer, with many offering drinks and snacks as well as a dip in the cristal clear waters surrounding the Los Gigantes cliffs.

These trips leave from Los Gigantes harbour which is a short five-minute walk from the El Sombrero complex.

Los Gigantes harbour

The Los Gigantes harbour can be found at a short five-minute walk from the El Sombrero complex. The harbour is relatively large with 368 berths divided into five pontoons. Docked in this harbour you will find residential boats, docked all year round, as well as a range of visiting boats and yatchs so there is always something new to see. In this area you will find a number of bars and restaurants overlooking the marina and the neighbouring island of La Gomera. The harbour is also the launch point for many excursions, such as dolphin and whale tours.

For those more adventurous visitors, there are a range of water sport activities on offer around the Los Gigantes harbour, such as a Jet skiing, surfing, paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving to name a few.

Sightseeing and trips

The location of Los Gigantes is fantastic for a range of sightseeing and day trips. A bus station is located within a short walking distance of the El Sombrero complex, where you can hop on a bus to many neighbouring areas such as Alcala, Playa de Las Americas or Los Cristianos to name a few. There are also many guided sightseeing tours where pickup can be at the El Sombrero complex.

Car hire is also available to those guests who prefer the freedom to choose their own timetable and agenda. There is a range of free public parking surrounding the El Sombrero complex, so no need to worry about parking charges, if this option is for you.


Los Gigantes has a small shopping centre near the harbour with a large supermarket, shops and cafes. There are also many local shops to discover through the narrow streets in the town including designer, brand and specialty shops as well as a few souvenir shops. All of these can be found within a short walking distance of the El Sombrero complex.


There are many restaurants and cafes in Los Gigantes which will suit a range of tastes as well as budgets. Many local restaurants offer the opportunity to discover and experience traditional Canarian cuisine.

A wide range of restaurants can be found within a short walking distance from the El Sombrero complex.